Fresh Content: Importance and Best Practices for SEO

We have all heard that Fresh Content can help a website rank high on Google. But with over a billion pages, how do they know, and why would google even care?

The answer is simple: Google wants to provide its users with the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date results.

For this reason, they released a “freshness algorithm update” in 2011 for trending queries. It prioritizes pages with recently published, updated, or total rewrites.

Importance of Fresh Content

3 important factors that make Content Freshness unavoidable.

Up to Date Content

Search engines crawl millions of pages every day, and they need to provide the search engine with up-to-date, high-quality content that is associated with accurate information.

By regularly updating your content, you are increasing your chance of ranking at the top of SERP.

Active, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness.

Regularly posting content related to your niche helps keep your site up-to-date. Additionally, it will improve your trustworthiness and establish you as an authority on your topic by covering more helpful information.

Retain audience

As you cover most of the topics your targeted audience is looking for and gain their trust, you will most likely get a retaining audience.

Best Practices for Fresh Content in SEO

Last modified date for fresh content
Last modified date in a blog post

Are you wondering when to update your article to get the best result for content freshness? Check out these 7 factors to maintain Fresh Content.

Prioritize based on Urgency

Not every article needs to be updated. You must decide which article requires changes based on Traffic Fluctuations, a Drop in Ranking, an Increase in Competition, and the Availability of newer data.

Regularly publish new articles

Regularly adding new articles helps search engines understand your website and find more information.

Optimize existing content for current search trend

Not every content stays relevant for eternity, and you must change your content as the search trend changes. It is important to provide updated and relevant information to attract visitors and SE bots.

Updating outdated statistics and data

Articles with lots of statistics and data must be updated regularly to maintain accuracy and relevance.

Update content

This is one of the significant content writing mistakes to avoid. Updating existing content with new images, links, and keywords is important based on urgency, search trends, and new information.

Last Modified Date

Showing the last modified date helps users and search engines understand when it was published and updated.

This simple change can drastically increase CTR, Trust, and relevance.

Submit on GSC

Submit updated content on GSC for re-indexing to improve search ranking.

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